Online Banking FAQ's

Online banking activation

How do I activate Online Banking using Mfukoni?

How do I log in?

Activate using Mfukoni by:

Log-in to your mobile app ‘Mfukoni’ or dial *275*1#

 How do I self-register for Mfukoni

  • Install ‘Mfukoni’ from your App store. Or dial *275#
  • Go to ‘Self Register' tab
  • Hang tight, our call centre team will contact you soon! 

NB: The opinion above for individual clients.

What is an OTP?

  • one-time password (OTP) is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device.

I have not yet received my OTP.

  • There might be delays hence wait for 3 minutes to receive it. If the minutes elapse, proceed to input your username again.

I am out of the country. Will I get the OTP?

  • Yes. Presently the OTP coverage is international SMS delivery coverage.

What if my phone is not a smart phone?

  • Self- register via Mfukoni by dialing *275*2#
  • You will receive a call from the Chase Bank team shortly

Dial *275*1# to login to Mfukoni

  • Go to ‘My Account’
  • Go to ‘Activate Online Banking'
  • Give a preferred username
  • You will receive an SMS with an 8 digit password.

Is my old online banking linked to the new one?

  • No. To activate your Online Banking you have to do a new activation through Mfukoni

How do I link all my accounts to one online banking system?


Troubleshooting: Trouble with Logging In

Forgot your Login ID?

  • Call contact center on 0709800000 and ask for a reset of the Login ID.

You will receive it to you on SMS.

Forgot your password?

  • Call our contact center on 0709800000 for reset of the password.

How do I change my Login ID or password?

  • The password can be changed on the online banking platform by simply going to:
    • My profile link in Online Banking Platform
    • Enter your current password
    • Enter the desired password
    • Reconfirm password
    • Click on reset password and this will effected

Why am I logged off sometimes, or my session expires and I have to log in again?

  • The log off is occasioned by periods of inactivity.  If the profile is inactive for up to ten minutes then the system will log you off.

I am getting the error "Authentication failed" what should I do?

  • If you are not getting to the part where the system is requesting for your password i.e. if the error is on the username page, then this simply means you are using the wrong username.
  • If you are the point where the system is requesting for a password and you receive an OTP, this means you got the username right but you are using the wrong password.

What should I do when I get the error "Internal Flex cube error"

  • This simply means there is an issue with the bank’s system. Kindly wait and retry the transaction at a later time.

What should I do if I get error 404?

  • This is an error on the network. Check your internet connectivity and try logging in at a later time when the network will be up.

I am trying to access the online banking link and get the error “webpage not available” yet my internet is on. What should I do?

  • Kindly check whether the security settings on your P.C allow for access to Chase Bank Online Banking site. This occurs when our online banking link is being blocked.

My password does not work. What do I do?

  • Kindly call our contact center on 0709800000 and ask for a password reset and they will also offer you guidance.

Is my username same as what I indicated on the application form?

  • Ideally you should get the same username you requested for, however this is subject to availability of the username. It could have been used by another user in which case the bank will try to get a username as close as possible to what you requested. You can confirm your username by calling our contact center on 0709800000.

Note: The username is case sensitive

  1. Changing my settings

Can I change my Username and Password?

  • Changing your Username- This can be done by filling in the online banking form and sending the same through any of our branches.
  • Changing of password- This can be done on the online banking platform;
  • Go to my profile
  • Enter your current password
  • Enter the new password
  • Confirm the password
  • Click on reset password.

Can I nickname my accounts?

  • You cannot nickname your accounts

Can I update information online?

  • Update of information provided on account opening can only be done through filling of an account services form filling at any of our branches or through your Relationship manager.

I need a statement from over one year ago. What do I do?

  • Having logged into online banking
  • Go to Dashboard menu
  • Select view statements
  • The system will direct you to a different page.
  • Once on that page, you can specify the dates within which you want to run your statement on the; to and from date options.

General Information about Online banking

How can I sign up for Online Banking?

There are two options:

Retail Clients:

  • Go to your Mfukoni menu
  • Log in to Mfukoni
  • Click on My account
  • Click on Activate Online banking

Corporate Clients:

  • Fill in online banking application form and drop it at any of our branches.

On what browsers is the service available?

  • The service is available on all browsers. However some browsers offer better experience than others.
  • For Windows machines, the optimal choice would be Google Chrome as it offers the best experience followed by Mozilla Firefox.
  • On Mac machines, Safari browser tends to offer a really good experience.

How safe is Online Banking? What systems are in place to ensure security?

  • The platform is very secure, we offer two factor authentication. We verify persons logging in based on the password and an OTP message we send via SMS.

The SMS is sent to the number provided on registration.

  • There is no need to install any systems so as to access our online banking. It is web based. Only confirm that your security settings do not block access to our portal.
  • You can also download our security policy from the online banking portal.

Do you guarantee the security of my banking information?

  • The necessary steps have been taken to ensure that information provided to the banking is kept private. As a client you are required to exercise some caution and keep your password secret from everyone else.

How can I help safeguard my banking information?

  • By ensuring your password is your secret and in cases where you receive an OTP and you know you have not made any log in attempts to log in; Kindly notify the bank, this will enable us to identify cases where imposters try to log in to your online banking.

How do I know I am visiting a secured Chase Bank Online site?

What happens if I do not log off of the Online Banking system?

  • The system will time you out if your profile is inactive for 10 minutes.

What procedures are in place to prevent hackers from accessing my account?

  • We have a robust architecture of the system to stop hackers, however the two step verification requiring an OTP will serve to ensure that only the owner of the profile can log in to the portal.

How often will my password change?

  • The system does not prompt you to change password. Password change is initiated by the client.

Do I get an OTP every time I transact on the online banking platform?

  • Every time an activity is going to debit your account the system will require an OTP to authenticate the transfer.

How do I report a problem with my account history or transaction?

We have a couple of avenues to report problems;

  • First is our contact center who work 24hrs;
  • Second you can visit any of our branches and our customer care officials will address whatever issue you may be facing.
  • Third any issue faced can be raised with the Relation officer you are attached to.

Which of my accounts can I access using Online Banking?

  • You can only access current and savings accounts on the new online banking platform.

What if I have questions about my account?

Questions can be raised through the following avenues:

  • 24 HR contact center
  • Visiting any of our branches and speak to our able customer care representatives.
  • Share your concerns with the relationship officer you are attached to.

What if I have questions about Online Banking?

  • Queries can be raised through the following avenues:
  • 24 HR contact center
  • Visiting any of our branches and peak to our able customer care representatives.
  • Raise your queries with the relationship officer you are attached to.

I forgot my user ID and/or password. What should I do?

  • Kindly call our contact center on 0709800000 and the password/or username shall be resent via SMS.

I don't want to receive my account statements in the mail. Can I choose paperless options through Online Banking?

  • You can generate the account statement and simply view it online. You can also download the statement in either PDF, XLS. CSV, DOC and HTML format with can be viewed digitally.

I am out of the country and not roaming on my registered number, how can I access the service and get OTPs?

  • If you are registered on a foreign number you need not be on roaming. However in case you are registered on the local number, you have to activate roaming to receive OTPs

Features of Online Banking

What kind of transactions can I perform using online banking?

  • The following are transfers that can be done through online banking:
  • Transfer to other accounts in Chase Bank
  • Transfer to other Local banks
  • Transfers to Mpesa
  • Transfers to other International banks

Will I be able to view my statements online?

  • Yes, simply go the dashboard menu item, under this select the view statements option. This redirects to a different page.
  • Select the account for which you wish to generate the statement.
  • Click on display and the statement shall be displayed right on the online banking screen.

How many months of transaction history can be viewed?

  • The statement can be run as far back as July 2011

If I make a withdrawal at an ATM, how soon will my account reflect the balance change?

  • This should be real time.

Why can’t I see all my accounts in my account summary?

  • In the account summary page you need to specify the account for which you want to view balances.
  • Kindly select the account for which you want the summary on the by going to dashboard, view account statement.

Can I request images of cheque through online Banking?

  • This functionality is not available on online banking.

How do I order bankers cheques?

  • On the cheque menu, select banker’s cheques.
  • The system will guide you on the fields required for a successful application.

What self-service functions are available to me online?

  • Self service functions include, funds transfers, cheque requests and card requests.

Can I request a stop payment on a cheque online?

  • Yes. This can be done by clicking on the cheque menu, then going to the stop cheque menu.

Can I view my bank statement online?

  • Yes, simply go the dashboard menu item,
  • Under this select the view statements option.
  • This redirects to a different page.
  • Select the account for which you wish to generate the statement.
  • Click on display and the statement shall be displayed right on the online banking screen.

Can I deposit a Chase Bank cheque through online using the same method as mobile banking?

  • This functionality is not yet available on online banking.

Transfers within Online Banking

Are there limits to the number of transfers I can make online?

  • Yes, 5 a day.

Is there a maximum funds transfer that I can make between accounts?

  • Yes

Can I schedule a transfer to take place in the future or set up recurring transfers?

  • Yes, but this can only be done for bulk payments.

How do I cancel a transfer that I have entered?

  • Transfer once entered can only be cancelled if it has not been fully approved.
  • The approver can reject the transfer if it not fully approved.

How late in the day can I make a transfer for the funds to be processed same day?

  • Cut off times are only placed on RTGS (other bank transfers) and Tele graphic Transfers (International Transfers).
  • Only transfers done before 3:30 pm for other bank transfers are processed same day and only transfers done before 4:30 pm for International Bank transfers are processed same day.

I never transfer money from some accounts. How do I keep from inadvertently transferring from these accounts?

  • This can be done by requesting for non-transactional rights on those accounts i.e. Read only.

Will I get confirmation copies for every transfer I make to other banks?

  • Yes. To get automated confirmations ensure you are set up on the system that sends out confirmations, otherwise you can get the same by visiting any of our branch.