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Being away from the country should never mean you have to miss out on financial opportunities back home.
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The world is now smaller and our finances are more global. Technology has enabled us to take advantage of opportunities all around the world. Being in the diaspora should therefore not exclude you from the numerous opportunities back here. From investments in property to financially assisting loved ones with their day-to-day needs, you are able to operate seamlessly between home and away.

Take advantage of our diaspora solutions in order to:

  • Avoid the hassles of handling multiple currencies by having accounts in either KES or another major foreign currency.
  • Take advantage of favourable international interest rates by borrowing in either KES or other currencies.
  • Easily and effortlessly manage your finances via our Internet banking portal and Mfukoni mobile banking app.
  • Invest in property back home by getting a mortgage in Kenya for a house or land.
  • Save and invest via savings accounts, Fixed Deposit accounts, shares or chamas.
  • Assist loved ones back home by being able to easily transfer funds to them via M-Pesa and our Money Transfer Services.

As a local bank with an understanding of international lifestyles, we leverage technology and our expertise to ensure you are able to be fully engaged in Kenya from the diaspora.

There are a variety of ways you can apply for an account with us.

Do it online
Use our online application form to do it from the convenience of your home.

Visit a branch
Find your nearest branch (check here) and talk to one of us.

Request application forms
Request application forms to be dispatched to you by:
    •    Using our website chat feature (see bottom of the website)
    •    Writing to us (here)
    •    Calling us (see phone numbers at the bottom of website)
    •    Requesting a call you back from us (see the Call Me Back button on the right of the page)

Whichever way works for you, we are looking forward to having you join our list of happy clients and financial partners.


For Diaspora - Chase bank
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The Diaspora Life product is designed around the following philosophy:

  • Affordable premium; Simplicity, with no underwriting requirements.
  • Simple product design of meaningful benefits that provide real value.
  • Easily accessible online and through our agents





Diaspora Ticket Benefit

  • It will pay out a lump sum benefit to the main member on the death of a family member.
  • The lump sum can be used to purchase a travel ticket and for contributions towards the funeral expenses for the departed family member.
  • The family member could either be a child, a spouse or a parent/parent-in-law

Diaspora Funeral Benefit

  • Pays out a lump sum benefit to a nominated beneficiary on the death of the main member (member in the diaspora), a spouse, children, parents/parents-in-law.
  • The funds paid out can be used to meet the rising cost associated with the passing of a loved one and to ensure that the loved one is buried in a dignified manner.
  • Upon receiving all necessary documentation, Liberty Life will make the payment within 48 hours, to ensure that member’s loved ones have access to money as soon as possible.

Diaspora Life Benefit

  • Pays a number of equal instalments over 12 or 24 months to the nominated beneficiary.
  • The benefit will be paid out in the unfortunate event that the main member is deceased or impaired due to an accident as defined.
  • The funds paid out will be used to meet monthly costs of living that the main member was responsible for.
  • The funds will help ease the loss of income due to the unfortunate demise or impairment of the breadwinner.

The product has 3 packages from which one can choose. The packages define the different sum assured/cover amounts. These include;

We have assumed cover of Kshs 550,000 for each parent or parent-in-law but the cover can be varied. In such a case the premium for each parent or parent-in-law will be arrived at as follows:

Premium = Cover*58/1000. You can only choose one package which will determine benefits and premium payable. The premium paid per package entitles one to all the benefits under the product.

For joint life cover (main member and spouse), the above benefits will apply equally to the second life as for the main member. In addition, a 50% discount will be provided on the second life, thus the annual premium will be as follows: