There comes a time when your bank needs to fit your personal circumstances like a tailor-fitted suit. This is it.
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With a high net-worth comes a very personalised set of financial circumstances and requirements: High-value transactions; Investments; International positions; Tax efficiency. All with no ‘standard’ solution. As such, you require a bank account that is able to not only fulfil your basic banking needs but to also accommodate the changes in your personal circumstances.


With your Elite account, you get to enjoy an account that has a full set of facilities, all tailored to your personal needs, including:

  • A premium current account
  • A premium savings account
  • Lending facilities including mortgages, asset finance, unsecured personal loans, secured personal loans, overdrafts and premium credit cards
  • Insurance facilities including life, asset, travel and medical insurance
  • Investment products including term deposit accounts, mutual funds, security/brokerage and asset management
  • Free Savings Account with tiered
    interest rates of as high as 3.5%
    • Free local ATM transactions
    • Free telegraphic Transfers (TTs)
    (Chase Bank Charges only)
    • Free real Time Gross Settlements (RTGS)
    • Free cheque books
    • Free atm cards(infinite)
    • One local and one foreign Banker’s
    Cheque per month (Cash back into customer’s account
    • Insurance Benefit of:
    i) Personal Accident insurance cover of up to KES 100K
    ii) Domestic Protection insurance cover for:
    a) Household items for up to KES 250K
    b) Domestic Servant Medical (KES 200k in-patient only)
    c) Compensation for lost valuables up to KES 100K.
  • No monthly fee for average balances above Kes.350K

    • If average balance in both the current and savings account at end of month is below Kes.350K, then Kes.1899 monthly feeis applied.

    • Minimum Balance Kes.2,000 to earn interest on savings account

    • Debit Cards (Infinite)

    • Cheque books

It goes without saying, you deserve a fast, time-efficient and quality service. A service that is able to understand complex scenarios and structure the right solution for you. This is why your Elite account allows you to enjoy a premium and highly personalised service through:

There are a variety of ways you can apply for an account with us.

Do it online
Activate your online banking to do it from the convenience of your home.

Visit a branch
Find your nearest branch (check here) and talk to one of us.

Request application forms
Request applications forms to be dispatched to you by:
    •    Using our website chat feature (see bottom of the website)
    •    Writing to us (here)
    •    Calling us (see phone numbers at the bottom of website)
    •    Requesting a call you back from us (see the Call Me Back button on the right of the page)

Whichever way works for you, we are looking forward to having you join our list of happy clients and financial partners.