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Up to 80% Financing from Chase Bank on your Car Import.
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Our Asset Finance products are tailored to empower and grow both you and your business, be it in the acquisition of movable assets or in the payment of insurance premiums. With our exciting partnership with MHH International, you can also get upto 80% financing on your UK car import. Read more about the partnership here.

  1. Personal Unsecured Loans:


i) Regular banking customer (Walk in Customers)

ii) Work place banking Customer (customer brought in on scheme)

Minimum net pay Kes 15,000

• Minimum Amount Kes 50K with max amount of up to Kes 5M

• Payable for a certain determined period of time to a maximum of 72 months

• It is given against your salary for personal accounts

• Interest based on Banks base lending rate(KBRR + Bank Interest Rate Spread )

• Maximum DSR threshold of 50% of net pay

• Credit life available through chase assurance

• Loans targeted at Companies that have an MOU with the bank.

• Loans targeted at Companies that have an MOU with the bank.

• Income requirements, purpose of loan, Interest rates, fees, max tenure, max amount, and any other conditions and exceptions are as per approved scheme loan


Flexible repayment terms Competitive interest rates.

• Quick turnaround time

• Top up on the loan

Basis of any scheme loan and terms of loan is a fully executed MOU between the bank and an appropriate employer

2. Salary advance


Salaried employees who receive their salaries through Chase Bank for at least 3 months.

• Confirmed permanent employee with a monthly income.

• For Affluent and Middle Income:

Maximum of up to 1.5 times the net salary or KES 100K for permanent employees.

• Maximum of up to 1 times the net or KES 100K for contract employees. (Contract must be expiring in not less than 4 Months).

• For MiddIe Income and Affluent, salary advance to be repaid over a period of 3 (three) months*.

• For mass market up to a maximum of 50% of Net payable. This is repayable in 1 month. **The Facility Shall be structured as a loan for the Middle income (MI) and High net worth individuals(HNI)**


Allows access to emergency cash needs in between the month.


3. Overdrafts


Available to customers earning a Net salary of KES 70K and above.

• For higher limits, customer can be assessed up to 75% of their net salary

• Nil monthly fees

• Interest Will be calculated based on the Amount accessed by the Applicant/Employees


Short-term facilities granted up to a period of 12 months and are renewable annually.

4. Mortgage


Available for a maximum period of 15 years

• Interest charged at prevailing

Bank rate

• Debt Service Ratio 50%

• Lower rates for existing clients


Available for: Purchase of residential housesonly.

5. Auto loans


 Minimum net pay Kes 15,000

• Max loan amount Kes 5,000,000

• Maximum tenure of 60months for new vehicles

• Maximum tenure of 48 months for old vehicles

• Lower rates for existing clients

• Competitive interest rates

• Quick turnaround time

**Maximum 95% financing (New vehicles)** **Maximum 80% financing (Used vehicles)** **Commercial Vehicles are out of scope**


This is a facility offered by the bank to facilitate acquisition of vehicles.

Our other forms of Asset Financing.

  • Hire Purchase (HP) Financing. We offer a credit facility to facilitate acquisition of movable assets. It is available to all Chase Bank clients and eligible prospective clients for new and used motor vehicles. Its main features include;
    •  A deposit / down payment based on cost
    • Suitable repayment periods
    • Interest charged at prevailing bank rates
    • Competitive processing fees    
  • Insurance Premium Financing (IPF). We offer this credit facility to facilitate payment of insurance premiums for your various policies. We pay the premium on your behalf allowing you to repay us in easy installments. The main features include; 
    • No tangible collateral requested
    • Competitive interest rates
    • The client enjoys full cover whilst paying the policy in installments, through postdated cheques or standing order
    • Available to both account and non-account holders
    • Interest rate is tiered depending on the amount and period
    • Financing available for current policies only


Enjoy from easy access to:


Through our sister companies, you also benefit from access to:

Offshore investments and wealth management services through Orchid Capital, Stock brokerage services and advice through Genghis Capital, and a wide range of insurance options through Chase Assurance Agency.

There are a variety of ways you can apply for an account with us.

Visit a branch
Find your nearest branch (check here) and talk to one of us.

Request application forms
Request applications forms to be dispatched to you by:

  • Using our website chat feature (see bottom of the website)
  • Writing to us (here)
  • Calling us (0730 175 000 / 0709 80000)
  • Requesting a call you back from us (see the Call Me Back button on the right of the page)
  • Whatsapp us (0773 758196)

Whichever way works for you, we are looking forward to having you join our list of happy clients and financial partners.

What we require from you:

Individual, Sole Proprietor or Partnership

  1. Duly filled application form
  2. Copy of ID and PIN (if partnership, all partners to provide
  3. Copy of business registration certificate (for sole proprietors/partnership)
  4. Latest bank statements for the past six months
  5. Copies of three months payslip (if in employment)
  6. Pro-forma invoice

Limited companies

  1. Copy of certificate of incorporation & certificate of change of name (where applicable)
  2. Copy of memorandum & articles of association
  3. Copy of pin certificate for the company
  4. Copies of directors ID’s and PIN certificates
  5. Cash flow projections (in case of borrowing exceeding KShs.3m)
  6. Audited accounts for two years (in case of borrowing exceeding KShs.5m)
  7. Latest bank statements for the past six months
  8. Company profile detailing organizational structure and accomplishments / nature of business of the company.
  9. Copy of latest annual returns together with filing receipt
  10. Pro-forma invoice

* Application subject to credit approval

** Shariah Compliant financing also available through Chase Iman.

Asset Finance - Chase bank

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